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"Freshly made local food 

 should be enjoyed as such!"




Locally Sourced Fresh produce

Local... Local.... Local... Because of taste, food miles, supporting the local economy ... there are many good reasons!


Without being restrictive

Our traders are free to use ingredients which have been used from further afield to offer a great new streetfood experience - it is amazing how a bit of indian spice can change the taste of locally sourced chicken!




We try not to double up on stands serving the same food, we only allow this should demand dictate another similar food.




Delicious food is at the Heart of Exeter Street Food and keeps our regulars coming back for more.



New experiences 

What is more exciting than trying a new food or reminiscing a food from your past!



Come and bring the kids! 

Getting children interested in wholesome freshly produced food. 



Join the Street Food Revolution 

Getting people interested & trying street food in the UK that's amazing quality & affordable. 



Health & Hygiene 

Each stand is thoroughly vetted before we agree to let them trade and serve our valuable Exeter Street Foodies! We obtain a food risk assessment and a copy of their Health & Hygiene certificate issued by local authority upon inspection. 




We believe in working in partnership with a few select local charities on special event weekends to raise funds or awareness. No Chuggers though! 



Food Market in Exeter !


Street Food in Exeter !


Food Market in Exeter !


Street Food in Exeter !


Food Market in Exeter !


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